When a 32-Vote Victory Becomes a Mandate on Housing

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Dasgupta, Sunil, host. Interview with Jonathan Robinson. "When a 32-Vote Victory Becomes a Mandate on Housing." I Hate Politics (podcast). August 25, 2023. https://open.spotify.com/episode/22Xr7qzo94lknvMWL8Bm8B.


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When political leaders win narrow victories, how do they govern? From the middle or hammer home the consequences of their election? Sunil Dasgupta talks with political analyst and housing activist Jonathan Robinson about structure and dynamics of Montgomery County’s housing politics where County Executive Marc Elrich's 32-vote victory has become a coalition that passed three housing-tax increases and a new rent stabilization law. Local news re MCPS absenteeism data, 495/270 toll lanes. Episode includes student review #4 of MCPS LGBTQ+ books: My Rainbow by Trinity and DeShanna Neal; illustrations by Art Twink: youtu.be/3MAiz9olE2U. Music from Baltimore clarinetist and composer Seth Kibel’s new album, Clown with a Stick: https://t.ly/uR9hp.