Suburban Fear, Media and Gated Communities in Durban, South Africa

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Towson University. Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice


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Durington, M. (2009). Suburban fear, media and gated communities in Durban, South Africa. Home Cultures, (6)1, 71-88. doi: 10.2752/174063109X380026



A disjuncture between the reality of crime and its perception has created a culture of fear within South Africa that bolsters gated community development and an accompanying fear industry that supports media, private security companies, and a number of other industries that provide security apparatuses. Is the establishment of gated communities an irrational response to perceptions of crime in South Africa in the twenty-first century? Or, are they deemed necessary in a perceived culture of violence that exists in the country? The article explores these questions through ethnographic research with residents of a gated community and the security company hired to provide security for the estate reflecting on the reality and perceptions of crime in the "New" South Africa.