Using the One Minute Preceptor Framework to Improve Feedback Effectiveness


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The success of new graduate nurses, also referred to as orientees, is heavily influenced by the effectiveness of the preceptors supporting their transition from academia to practice. A vital aspect in the preceptor-orientee relationship includes the ability to provide effective feedback. Structured and continual training for preceptors on how to give effective feedback leads to improved new graduate performance. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to determine if the One Minute Preceptor (OMP) framework would improve the ability of preceptors to provide concise, timely, and constructive feedback to new graduate nurses in the acute care setting. The OMP framework is short, easy to implement, and has been used successfully by many disciplines for purposes of providing feedback to orientees in healthcare. Participants in this project included 14 preceptors of new graduate nurses in three inpatient units at an acute care hospital in the mid-Atlantic region. The participants were chosen because they completed standardized preceptor training and had oriented new graduate nurses within the past year. The preceptor group was asked to complete training on the OMP and pre- and post-intervention surveys were used to compare results. The second group of participants in this project included two new graduate nurses who completed their orientation on the same units. This group was asked to complete pre- and post-intervention surveys to assess their perception of effectiveness of feedback from preceptors to orientees. All data were collected using researcher-made surveys and results remained confidential.