Swipe right or get left behind: presentation of masculinity in the Tinder dating app


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Towson University. Department of Communication Studies


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The following study sought to better understand the ways in which men perform and present their masculinity within the Tinder dating app, and to what extent this performance is reflective of their personal attitudes towards gender roles within heterosexual dating and courtship rituals. Considering traditional hegemonic constructs of gender and assigned social roles, and within the context of the recent rise of the #MeToo movement, this research examined the ways in which men self-present and behave in the world of contemporary dating. Using the focus group discussion method of collecting data, the study considered the ways in which men in conversation with each other make sense of cultural phenomena related to dating, sex, and heterosexual relationships. The research explored the possible societal and practical implications of the #MeToo movement within the world of heterosexual dating both online and offline through men’s shared personal accounts and lived experiences using the Tinder dating app.