A 0535+26 in the August/September 2005 outburst observed by RXTE and INTEGRAL





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Caballero, I., P. Kretschmar, A. Santangelo, R. Staubert, D. Klochkov, A. Camero, C. Ferrigno, et al. “A 0535+26 in the August/September 2005 Outburst Observed by RXTE and INTEGRAL.” Astronomy & Astrophysics 465, no. 2 (April 1, 2007): L21–24. https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361:20067032.


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Aims. In this Letter we present results from INTEGRAL and RXTE observations of the spectral and timing behavior of the High Mass X-ray Binary A 0535+26 during its August/September 2005 normal (type I) outburst with an average flux  F₍₅₋₁₀₀₎ ₖₑᵥ ~ 400 mCrab. The search for cyclotron resonance scattering features (fundamental and harmonic) is one major focus of the paper. Methods. Our analysis is based on data from INTEGRAL and RXTE Target of Opportunity Observations performed during the outburst. The pulse period is determined. X-ray pulse profiles in different energy ranges are analyzed. The broad band INTEGRAL and RXTE pulse phase averaged X-ray spectra are studied. The evolution of the fundamental cyclotron line at different luminosities is analyzed. Results.The pulse period P is measured to be 103.39315(5) s at MJD 53614.5137. Two absorption features are detected in the phase averaged spectra at E₁ ~ 45 keV and E₂ ~ 100 keV. These can be interpreted as the fundamental cyclotron resonance scattering feature and its first harmonic and therefore the magnetic field can be estimated to be B ~4 × 10¹²  G.