The Universal Decompositional Semantics Dataset and Decomp Toolkit

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White, Aaron Steven; Stengel-Eskin, Elias; Vashishtha, Siddharth; Govindarajan, Venkata; Reisinger, Dee Ann; Vieira, Tim; Sakaguchi, Keisuke; Zhang, Sheng; Ferraro, Francis; Rudinger, Rachel; Rawlins, Kyle; Durme, Benjamin Van; The Universal Decompositional Semantics Dataset and Decomp Toolkit; Computation and Language (2019);;


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We present the Universal Decompositional Semantics (UDS) dataset (v1.0), which is bundled with the Decomp toolkit (v0.1). UDS1.0 unifies five high-quality, decompositional semantics-aligned annotation sets within a single semantic graph specification—with graph structures defined by the predicative patterns produced by the PredPatt tool and real-valued node and edge attributes constructed using sophisticated normalization procedures. The Decomp toolkit provides a suite of Python 3 tools for querying UDS graphs using SPARQL. Both UDS1.0 and Decomp0.1 are publicly available at