Why Does Wes Moore's Transportation Plan Look Like Hogan's?

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Dasgupta, Sunil, host. Interview with Marc Korman. "Why Does Wes Moore's Transportation Plan Look Like Hogan's?" I Hate Politics (podcast). October 6, 2023. https://open.spotify.com/episode/2EFYx3wQOT1cT4qQnH9ey7.


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The Maryland Department of Transportation released its capital budget plan with key projects missing and explicitly stating that the document reflects the priorities of the previous governor. Sunil Dasgupta talks with Marc Korman, Chair of the House of Delegates Environment and Transportation Committee, to find out what’s going on. Local news re why MoCo Councilmember Gabe Albornoz opposed the new ban on gas-powered leaf blowers, preliminary analysis of local sporting event fights, MoCo allows tunnel type greenhouses in all backyards. Music from folk singer-songwriter Steven Gellman’s new album, All You Need: hiddenpoet.com; Gas leaf blower ban: https://t.ly/Y9sXO; MoCo tunnel greenhouse: https://t.ly/bsGCB; MD transportation plan: https://t.ly/bL3Uk.