Wellalo: Motivating through mindful interactions to ease depressive illness


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University of Baltimore. Klein Family School of Communications Design


University of Baltimore. Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Design

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Depression is a pervasive mental health issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. To address this issue, my research and development efforts have focused on the potential of motivating individuals through mindful interactions. The objective of this thesis is to explore how a social movement leveraging instant, effortless connectivity can promote mindfulness, enhance positivity, and uplift individuals struggling with depressive illness. Unlike the mainstream social media giants prioritizing revenue and technology advancements, Wellalo steps up to prioritize the wellbeing of its users. It leverages social profile aggregation and automated content moderation, curating and sharing the brightest moments of social interactions through media. This ensures user safety and promotes flow experiences through game-like activities and immersive media enjoyment. At its core, Wellalo is designed to create a supportive community where users show up for one another with intent and purpose fostering kindness and emotional wellbeing. In essence, Wellalo is an indication of a dream scenario: a world where technology bridges the gap, mitigates loneliness, and drives positive interactions. Just because, we are human, we have purpose, we are not alone, we deserve to be happy, we all matter in the world.