The Absolute Disaster of Retail Energy Choice

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Dasgupta, Sunil. "The Absolute Disaster of Retail Energy Choice." Interview with Laurel Peltier. I Hate Politics Podcasts. 16 June, 2023.


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The two promises of utility deregulation in Maryland and several other states–lower prices and green energy–have not come to fruition. How energy trading firms can exploit competitive advantage to lower prices is hard to see and they have used Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), not necessarily new generation, to claim they are selling green energy. Instead, energy trading firms have been accused of deceptive marketing and overcharging customers especially low-income and minority households. Sunil Dasgupta talks with Baltimore-based energy activist Laurel Peltier to find out how things went this wrong. Music from Arlington-based roots music singer-songwriter Valeria Stewart and her band Crooked Sparrow: Peltier’s Help Desk: MD Public Service Commission complaint link: