Increasing Engagement in Fourth Graders’ Independent Reading


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The purpose of this study was to determine if the implementation of a self-monitoring reading checklist would improve active engagement when reading independently in a group of fourth graders with mixed reading abilities. This study used a pre- and post-survey regarding participants’ reading attitudes and levels of engagement before and after the intervention of the self-monitoring checklist was administered. The group was instructed on important components of engaged reading and asked to monitor their engagement levels during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR). The post-intervention mean score on the survey (24.33), on which higher ratings reflected more engagement than lower ratings, was slightly higher than the pre-intervention mean of 23.15. The results of the t-test indicated the mean pre- and post-scores for items 1-7 were significantly and positively correlated (r=.783, p<.000), however, the t value of 1.185 was not statistically significant (p<.158), therefore, the null hypothesis was retained. The study indicates that student choice can positively impact levels of engagement; however, more research needs to be done to determine instructional strategies to increase independent reading engagement.