Waste Disposal Action Plan for St. Mary’s College Pub


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St. Mary's College of Maryland. Environmental Studies Program

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To promote a more sustainable St. Mary’s I am going to increase organization and efficiency of waste disposal practices at the Pub/Grab & Go on campus. Through the introduction of effective signage, the sorting of waste between compostable material, recyclable material, and trash will be improved. Sorting these waste types will increase the amount of compostable and recyclable material produced on campus, as well as decrease the college’s total garbage output. This initiative will improve the college’s waste disposal practices by diverting a large portion of waste from going to the landfill, supplying the school with increased amounts of compost for the campus farm, and promoting environmental stewardship across campus. Due to the simplistic nature of this sorting system, it is not constrained by scale or location. This plan can be replicated, scaled up or down, installed anywhere on campus, or even beyond the college’s boundaries. Introducing improved waste sorting practices to the Pub is a simple, straightforward way of promoting greater sustainability on campus, as well as initiating a far-reaching effect on the greater world.