The Unraveling of a $1.1 bn State-Run College Fund

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Dasgupta, Sunil, host. Interview with Lisa Getter Peterson and Brian Savoie. "The Unraveling of a $1.1 bn State-Run College Fund." I Hate Politics (podcast). October 13, 2023.


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The Maryland Prepaid College Trust, a state-run tax-protected 529 college savings plan, unraveled over the last few years despite having more than enough money to meet its obligations. A series of bad decisions made by its independent and high-powered Board led to the loss of account values, accusations of mismanagement, and halting of disbursements to families on the verge of sending their children to college. Sunil Dasgupta talks with parents and account holders Lisa Getter Peterson and Brian Savoie to get the full story. Local news: how Jewish comedian Carmiya Weinraub, founder of a local interfaith comedy group, is carrying on: Music from folk singer-songwriter Steven Gellman’s new album, All You Need: MD Prepaid College Trust: