Afro Amelioration Introspection


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MA in Cultural Sustainability

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Afro Amelioration Introspection is a projected video artwork, abstract sound piece, and solo art exhibition with a digitally interactive component focused on the topic of Black mental health. Using ethnographic methods, I conducted a series of six interviews where I questioned participants on their personal feelings and narratives covering but not limited to the issues of COVID, family, police brutality, racism, intergenerational trauma, and the stigma on the subject of mental health in the Black community. I video documented the conversations and transmogrified them into nonrepresentational art using the programming language, Processing. Next, I produced a conceptual soundtrack using the audio from the interviews. Finally, I organized a synergistic art show in Baltimore to showcase the project and create a safe space for conversation on the topic. The purpose of Afro Amelioration Introspection is to reflect the type of work I want to do in the future, let the African American community know they’re not alone even if they’re struggling with addressing the concept of mental health, sustaining culture by approaching an issue that harms a community, and make the topic less taboo so people can have a better quality of life.