A unified architecture for intelligent DSS

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J. T. C. Teng, R. Mirani and A. Sinha, "A unified architecture for intelligent DSS," [1988] Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Volume III: Decision Support and Knowledge Based Systems Track, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA, 1988, pp. 286-294.



A unified architecture for an intelligent decision-support system (IDSS) is presented. The incorporation of the central intelligence manager (CIM) in the architecture makes the system intelligent. The CIM comprises an inference engine (IE) and an intelligent supervisor. The IE, which serves as a gatekeeper, is a program responsible for adding and deleting beliefs and making inferences. The intelligent supervisor acts as an interface to the IE; it is responsible for directing communications inside the IDSS. A knowledge-acquisition subsystem has also been incorporated to facilitate knowledge representation.