Long term care placement: The female resident's perspective


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The purpose of this study was to explore the "lived" experience of the female resident in a long-term care facility. A qualitative phenomenoIogical approach was utilized. Data were collected from nine female residents living in Wicomico Nursing Home. Unstructured taped interviews were conducted. Transcription of the data followed the interviews and resulted in coding of participant statements into groups of similar content. Four categories evolved containing sixteen total codes. Validation of the code and category analysis was achieved through follow up interviews with three of the participants. The four categories that arose were as follows: beginning the experience, activity involvement, home versus alternative, and relationships. Viewing the nursing home as "home" was the predominant feeling in this study. It was noted that all of the categories and corresponding codes contributed to this feeling of "home." The female resident's perspective on long-term care placement is of significance as there is currently minimal data available on this subject. Further research that expands upon the findings in this study is needed to increase the knowledge base of the "lived" experience of the female resident in a long-term care facility.