Mentoring Faculty Through Changing Roles as They Transition into Second Life

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Collins, M., Jeffery, A. & Berge, Z. (2008). Mentoring Faculty Through Changing Roles as They Transition into Second Life. In K. McFerrin, R. Weber, R. Carlsen & D. Willis (Eds.), Proceedings of SITE 2008--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 1362-1365). Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).


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This presentation aims to equip teachers wishing to teach online in Second Life or other virtual environments with both a scheme for thinking about their teaching, and knowledge of the Second Life skills that they will need for make their in-world or blended classes effective. This presentation explores the roles changes that teachers need to face when adopting the use of an online world such as Second Life for teaching their discipline. This presentation will use Mason's (1991) and Berge's (1995) role cluster theory as a basis for discussing what a faculty person new to Second Life will have to work through on their own, or with the help from their instructional designer or faculty support personnel, as they make the transition into teaching in Second Life.