Digital Technology Art for a Car Advertising Agency


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Kantanka is the first ever automobile manufacturing company in Ghana which assembles and produces made in Ghana vehicles. The company which has been around for many years now, has caught media attention that resulted in investors providing funding in the company. Simultaneously, many Ghanians and neighboring countries have patronized the Kantanka automobile products. Nonetheless, in recent years the company has experienced a decline in international and local sales due to lack of marketing. In a recent article “My Joy News” media house in Ghana, journalist Edwin Appiah states that Ghanaian car company, Kantanka, is to blame for failing to penetrate the local market following efforts by German car maker VW to set up shop in Ghana, claiming that the company has not been proactive in engaging the Ghanaian government in purchasing their cars1. In this project, I designed a computer generated imagery (CGI) car advertising demo to enhance the potential of marketing and sales for Kantanka. Like many Ghanaian advertisements, Kantanka adverts have little to no creative attraction to motivate buyers to purchase their products. My goal will be to use CGI in modeling and animating a demo advert to show the potential of CGI in the Ghanaian advertising market and how it can help local manufacturing agencies create more dynamic scenes which meet international standards like that of Audi, BMW, and Toyota, I will also explain how digital technology and art can impact cost in advertising within the Ghanaian market.