Tailoring Workplace Training to Generational Preferences

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Berge, Zane L., Kristen M. Garcia, Michelle A. Graham. "Tailoring Workplace Training to Generational Preferences." Journal of Educational Technology 19, no. 01 (June 2022): 35-41. https://imanagerpublications.com/assets/pdfDownload/JET/2022/19_1JET_June_2022/4_ZANE_L._BERGE_.pdf.


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Given the array of generations in the workplace and the variety of learning theories and technological exposure across those generations, many instructional design professionals argue that training should be tailored to these differences. We were skeptical of this assertion and sought to explore evidence for improved effectiveness in tailoring training based on generational differences. Through a review of literature, we explored the variables creating differences across generations, including learning preferences, teaching methods, learning theories, technology, and motivation. We considered the impact of teaching methodologies during learners' formative years on their preferences for learning as adults. We found a lack of substantive evidence that generational differences supported the assertion that adapted training was necessary. The conclusion is that, while it is always important to conduct an audience analysis and to be familiar with the needs of learners for learning events, tailoring training specifically based on generation does not justify the investment of time and resources to improve the effectiveness of training.