Developing a Social Media Strategy: Tweets, Pins, and Posts with a Purpose.

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Burclaff, N., & Johnson, C. (2014). Developing a social media strategy: Tweets, pins, and posts with a purpose. College & Research Libraries News, 75(7), 366-369.



After the initial thrill of creating an account, or the rush of seeing your follower count tick upward, social media can lose its excitement. As a result, in many libraries, especially when seemingly more pressing demands or staffing shortages arise, social media becomes an afterthought. It then loses its social qualities and, instead of cultivating interaction, it becomes just another media channel to infrequently promote services and events. Successful social media accounts curate relevant content and engage their audiences. But before any of that can happen, we’ve found it’s important to take a step back and think carefully about your purpose for using social media.