The 2023 UMBC Africana Studies Conference





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Anson, Ian, host. Interview with Gloria Chuku and Aili M. Tripp. “The 2023 UMBC Africana Studies Conference.” Retrieving the Social Sciences (podcast). August 07, 2023.


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On this episode we hear a rebroadcast of a presentation that formed a part of the 2023 UMBC Africana Studies Conference, organized by Dr. Gloria Chuku, Professor and Chair of UMBC’s Africana Studies Department. The lecture, which took place in May of 2023, was given by keynote speaker Dr. Aili M. Tripp. Dr. Tripp is Vilas Research Professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tripp’s research has focused on gender/women and politics, women’s movements in Africa, transnational feminism, African politics (with particular reference to Uganda and Tanzania), autocracies in Africa, and on the informal economy in Africa. She is presently working on a project on women’s political leadership in African autocracies and a second project on women’s political citizenship and conflict globally.