Inclusive Co-Design within a Three-Dimensional Game Environment

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Walsh, G., Donahue, C., & Pease, Z. (2016, June). Inclusive Co-Design within a Three-Dimensional Game Environment. In Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (pp. 1-10). ACM.



Co-design research with children is a field that continues to find new ground and expand as it explores new, and more ef- fective ways to design. As children become more enveloped in a world of technology and video games, it follows to lever- age these kinds of experiences for use in our design toolbox. In addition, continuing to explore how to include a larger global audience through distributed co-design can advance the design process. The study presented in this paper serves as a preliminary exploration of virtual sandbox game envi- ronments as a co-design tool. Utilizing a design inclusive research approach, we discuss what led us to explore this environment as a co-design tool, how it evolved over time, and our success in using it to include those who could not attend in-person sessions.