A History of Sustainability at St. Mary's College


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St. Mary's College of Maryland. Environmental Studies Program

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For my project I am looking at the history of sustainability at St. Mary's College, through the different research and projects that have been done. Over the years there have been countless environmental projects and research done but not an easy way to access it. As a part of my project I hope to compile most of this information and have it in an easy accessible location on the St. Mary’s website. As I gather this data I plan on documenting ways in which St. Mary's can improve their sustainability efforts. While our school has made strides in the right direction there is much more to be done. One of my main focuses for this project will be sustainability through the curriculum. I am currently in the process of creating a survey to send out to the professors of St. Mary's. This survey will be a sustainability course evaluation report and will allow professors to vocalize a course they teach that they believe incorporates sustainability. This survey will also allow professors to begin to formulate ideas for future classes within their discipline that incorporate sustainability. This project will encapsulate sustainability efforts that have happened already at St. Mary's and those that are to come in the future.