Improving Motivation of Student-Athletes in the Off-Season


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The purpose of this research was to learn what motivates college athletes to stay in shape and work out during the off season. Information was collected through a written survey called the Training Motivation Survey (TMS). The survey was completed by 15 female soccer players at a Division III school. Survey responses resulted in retention of null hypothesis one, which compared motivation in the on and off seasons. Null hypothesis two was rejected; however, results suggested that various people provide different influences on motivation across seasons. Responses also yielded information about what techniques athletes find motivating or not in the on and off seasons. Useful information from the study that the researcher could use to improve coaching and training results included learning that the coach’s behavior has an effect on the players’ motivations in the on and off season, that providing workout packets for the players helps to motivate players, and that providing self-motivational skills for the individual athlete is beneficial. Future research should be conducted using larger samples and samples of athletes in a variety of sports and programs. Findings from such studies would help coaches determine the most effective ways to offer effective training for their student athletes throughout the school year.