Explore Baltimore, Hon! Arts, Culture, Nature and Sports

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Burclaff, N., & Calia-Lotz, G. (2016). Explore Baltimore, Hon!: Arts, Culture, Nature, and Sports. College & Research Libraries News, 77(11), 555-559



Those who have never been to Baltimore may be surprised by the rich and eclectic cultural life present in this city. Oozing with history, local pride, and ethnic diversity, there is truly something for everyone here. A visit to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor might in- clude a tour of the Historic Ships, sel es with the colorful crab sculptures, or a picturesque walk to Federal Hill Park. Maryland is often referred to as “America in miniature,” mak- ing Baltimore, its largest city, a hodgepodge of cultural in uences, artistic expressions, and historic institutions. Within the urban setting, you’ll also nd surprisingly expan- sive nature preserves and trails. Below is just a sampling of things to do while visiting during the ACRL 2017 conference. Come and find out why Baltimore is nicknamed “Charm City.”