Internet Citizenship: Course Design and Delivery Using ICT

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Emurian, Henry H., Carroll, Malissa Marie, "Internet Citizenship: Course Design and Delivery Using ICT" in Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration, edited by Lawrence A. Tomei, IGI Global, 2008, pp. 476-482;


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This article presents the design of an undergraduate course that focused on how the Internet1 may be used as a medium for discovering information about citizenship, in general, and for advocating and practicing citizenly conduct, in particular. The goal is to share with the reader a set of guidelines to specify course objectives and requirements, to select relevant materials, to engage students in self-directed learning, and to appreciate the process of working with the students over a semester. Applications of information and communication technology (ICT) were integrated into the course management and delivery, and they also formed the basis of the topic for the course content.