Online Collaborative Designing with Kids


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University of Baltimore. Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies


University of Baltimore. Master of Science in Interaction Design and Information Architecture

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Collaborative designing with kids is an evolving field and will only continue to grow. Exploring online approaches to collaborative designing has the potential to make this opportunity available to a broader demographic group of children. Therefore, this study explores an online approach to collaborative designing with kids, using an established framework and tools that will be easy for kids to use and navigate. With help from the Enoch Pratt Library of Baltimore, we were able to reach families on a big scale to recruit participants for defined dates and time for the design sessions. Then, we had access to a conferencing application tool, a drawing application tool, and question sets to collect qualitative and quantitative data from the sessions. The results support the idea that successful collaborative designing can be done online, but the research also identified considerations that should be noted about the age group.