How accessible is the process of web interface design?

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Norman, Kirk; Arber, Yevgeniy; Kuber, Ravi; How accessible is the process of web interface design?; ASSETS '13: Proceedings of the 15th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, October 2013, Article No.: 51;


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This paper describes a data gathering study, examining the experiences and day-to-day challenges faced by blind web interface developers when designing sites and online applications. Findings have revealed that considerable amounts of time and cognitive effort can be spent checking code in text editing software and examining the content presented via the web browser. Participants highlighted the burden experienced from committing large sections of code to memory, and the restrictions associated with assistive technologies when performing collaborative tasks with sighted developers and clients. Our future work aims to focus on the development of a multimodal web editing and browsing solution, designed to support both blind and sighted parties during the design process.