Mobile augmented reality system for object detection, alert, and safety





Citation of Original Publication

Sharad Sharma, Don Engel, "Mobile augmented reality system for object detection, alert, and safety"  in Electronic Imaging,  2023,  pp 218-1 - 218-5,


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The usefulness of mobile devices has increased greatly in recent years allowing users to perform more tasks in daily life. Mobile devices and applications provide many benefits for users, perhaps most significantly is the increased access to point-of-use tools, navigation, and alert systems. This paper presents a prototype of a cross-platform mobile augmented reality (AR) system with the core purpose of finding a better means to keep the campus community secure and connected. The mobile AR System consists of four core functionalities – an events system, a policing system, a directory system, and a notification system. The events system keeps the community up-to-date on current events that are happening or will be happening on campus. The policing system allows the community to stay in arms reach of campus resources that will allow them to stay secure. The directory system serves as a one-stop-shop for campus resources, ensuring that staff, faculty, and students will have a convenient and efficient means of accessing pertinent information on the campus departments. The mobile augmented reality system includes integrated guided navigation system that users can use to get directions to various destinations on campus. The various destinations are different buildings and departments on campus. This mobile augmented reality application will assist the students and visitors on campus to efficiently navigate the campus as well as send alert and notifications in case of emergencies. This will allow campus police to respond to the emergencies in a quick and timely manner. The mobile AR system was designed using Unity Game Engine and Vuforia Engine for object detection and classification. Google Map API was integrated for GPS integration in order to provide location-based services. Our contribution lies in our approach to create a user specific customizable navigational and alert system in order to improve the safety of the users at their workplace. Specifically, the paper describes the design and implementation of the proposed mobile AR system and reports the results of the pilot study conducted to evaluate their perceived ease-of-use, and usability.