Coupled PDEs with Initial Solution from Data in COMSOL 4

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X. Huang, S. Khuvis, S. Askarian, M. K. Gobbert, B. E. Peercy, Coupled PDEs with Initial Solution from Data in COMSOL 4, Proceedings of the 2013 COMSOL Conference, 2013,


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Many physical applications require the solution of a system of coupled partial differential equations (PDEs). In most cases the analytic PDE solution does not exist for this system and we need to solve the problem numerically using the finite element method in COMSOL. This paper presents information on techniques needed in COMSOL 4 to enable computational studies of coupled systems of PDEs for time-dependent nonlinear problems. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to use data files as input for initial conditions. To illustrate the techniques, we consider a system of two time-dependent non-linear PDEs from mathematical biology.