The Case for Ending Judicial Review

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Dasgupta, Sunil. "The Case for Ending Judicial Review" Interview with Julie Statland, Vaughn Stewart and Andrew Nolan. I Hate Politics Podcast. Jul 01, 2022.


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As the country deals with the upending of the landmark abortion rights case, Roe v Wade, Sunil Dasgupta talks with Julie Statland of Riveting Women about the importance of having more women in local and state political positions and to Maryland Delegate Vaughn Stewart and UMBC History Professor Andrew Nolan about a moment in time when protections against the tyranny of the majority, including the venerated judicial review, look like anti-democratic measures that need to be jettisoned if the American experiment is to survive. Music by Rockville-based rock and roll band, The Treading Lemmings.