The effects of climate change and excess nutrients on hypoxia levels and eutrophication in estuaries


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Towson Seminar

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[From paper] In this paper I will be analyzing various studies to understand the effects of the overuse of fertilizers and climate change on estuaries. The main question I am studying is: what are the effects of climate change and the overuse of fertilizers on hypoxia in estuaries? Within the Literature Review, I discuss the methods used in the research from four different studies as well as the results found at the end of each study. In the Analysis, I break down the results and expand upon what these results mean in terms of estuarine health, as well as discussing the possible solutions mentioned in the studies. In analyzing this I find a strong correlation between fertilizer use and hypoxia levels, as well as climate change and hypoxia levels, and possible solutions and preventative measures to lessen any negative effects on the estuaries.