Music In Relation to Fashion: 2000's and 2010's Album Cycles That Impacted the Modern Fashion Industry


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Howard S. Brown School of Business and Leadership


Fashion Merchandising

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Music and fashion are both industries that thrive with the success and growth of the other. The fashion industry influences the music industry by acting as a medium for artists to use in the promotion of their albums, giving the artist and promotional cycle of the album an identity and something to distinguish the project from other similar albums. The music industry affects the fashion industry as well as designers by introducing new trends, shifts in the current zeitgeist and pop culture. Fashion can indirectly and directly influence an album cycle or promotion of an album to the same degree an album cycle can create and help fashion trends emerge. There are 8 notable album cycles and the fashion trends from the time span of the 2000s through the 2010s that emerged through direct and indirect influences showcasing the mutually symbiotic relationship of the music and fashion industry. It is important to understand the mutualistically positive relationship between both industries as the understanding of one or the relationship they share, can and will be beneficial for both markets respectively. Research related to this topic includes the analysis of other symbiotic relationships fashion shares with media industries such as social platforms, television, and film that mutually benefit from the success and growth of all involved industries indirectly and directly impacted.