Caffeine Without Consequence: Implementing a Reusable Cup System at The Daily Grind


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St. Mary's College of Maryland. Environmental Studies Program

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Waste reduction is one of the main concerns when it comes to sustainability, and college campuses around the world have a big role to play in that. Disposable food and beverage containers comprise a significant portion of trash from universities, making sustainable alternatives such as reusable cups a viable way to reduce overall waste. At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the on-campus coffee store The Daily Grind offers discounts on drinks for patrons who bring their own coffee mug in an attempt to encourage people not to use disposable paper cups. However, these efforts are currently not well advertised and used infrequently as a result. It is the goal of this project to improve on the existing system at The Daily Grind through improving awareness of both the program and the impact of disposable cups on the environment. In addition, to make it easier for students to participate in the program, reusable coffee mugs from the Campus Store will also be sold at The Daily Grind at a discounted price. With these additional measures put into place, I hope that more students will use reusable coffee mugs over disposable paper cups, reducing overall waste at St. Mary’s and contributing to a more sustainable future.