Creating Knowledge with the Public: Disrupting the Expert/Audience Hierarchy





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Denise D. Meringolo, Lee Boot, Denise Griffin Johnson, Maureen O'Neill; Creating Knowledge with the Public: Disrupting the Expert/Audience Hierarchy. Daedalus 2022; 151 (3): 94–107. doi:


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This essay provides both a philosophy and a case study to define, analyze, and explore community-centered public history practice. In its ideal form, communitycentered public history practice strives for equity and inclusion. It is service-oriented. It is often future-focused. On the ground, in real time, community-centered public history practice requires constant recalibration, humility, and active collaboration that can be challenging for academically trained scholars to fully embrace. The coauthors share their experiences and impressions in order to highlight both the difficulty and the value of this work.