The Effect of Daily Social Skills Instruction on Students with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities


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This study explores the effects of a daily social skills intervention, Incredible Flexible You (Volume One), on students with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD). This study followed a pre-experimental design, beginning with a 20-day baseline period in which the researcher collected and recorded student daily point sheet data. Data continued to be collected during a 20-day intervention period by using daily point sheets. Scores were prorated to adjust for absences. The mean number of points earned during the prorated intervention period (Mean = 1247.13, SD = 30.41) was significantly higher than the mean number of points earned during the prorated baseline period (Mean = 1200.25, SD = 42.16) [t (7) = 5.30, p = .001]. Hence, the null hypothesis, that there would be no significant difference in point sheet scores during the implementation of the Incredible Flexible You (Volume 1) daily social skills curriculum as compared to the baseline period among students with emotional behavioral disabilities within a primary level self-contained classroom, was rejected. Further research on the effect of the daily social skills instruction intervention, Incredible Flexible You (Volume 1), for students with EBD in more and diverse categories may be warranted.