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    Mary Macon Kilpatrick Howard: Merchant, Teacher, Landowner, and Administratrix
    (Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2019) Zakharova, Yelizaveta
    Mary Kilpatrick Howard (1882-1970) was the first child of J.J. Kilpatrick, a cotton farm owner in Candelaria, Texas who was infamous for his outspoken criticism against the U.S. military presence on the border during the Mexican Revolution. As an in-dependent young woman, Mary was the first Kilpatrick to move to Candelaria, a small village on the U.S.-Mexico border in Presidio County, where she taught in a one-room schoolhouse in 1903. She bought the General Store and hired her teenage brother Dawkins to run it. After her husband, Jack Howard, was killed by bandits in 1913, Mary owned and operated a millinery business in Marfa, raised her two daughters as a single mother, leased real estate in Marfa, and continued to teach for many years. Upon the death of Dawkins in 1947, Mary was given the complicated task of settling the large Kilpatrick estate, most of which was given to her daughters Marion Howard Walker and Frances Eleanor Howard. Mary continued to help her daughters manage the family cotton farm and general store in Candelaria until she was satisfied with their leadership abilities. Mary’s brazen Big Bend pioneer spirit, and determination ensured her family’s success in one of Texas’s most remote landscapes for nearly 100 years.
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    Genne Kuhn: Labor, Healthcare and Civil Rights in the 1960s-1970s Ohio River Valley
    (2023-03-29) Zakharova, Yelizaveta
    Genne Kuhn, 1918 - 2008, led a lifetime of advocacy on behalf of the poor, underprivileged, and discriminated people in the Ohio River Valley. Descending from a family of immigrant miners, Kuhn became a communist from a young age after attending a rally, where the crowd had tear gas fired on them and she learned about systemic discrimination and repression in a capitalistic system. She was an early active participant in the civil rights movement and worked tirelessly to integrate Wheeling, West Virginia, where she had lived most of her life. During the late 1960s and 1970s, she wrote prolifically for the "Daily World", a US Marxist newspaper, on miner unrest and struggles in the Appalachian region. She dedicated many of her resources towards the fight against black lung disease, which many of her family and friends had succumbed to.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Use of Library-Licensed Electronic Resources: Using Data to Challenge Core Assumptions and Leveraging Disruption to Initiate Meaningful Strategic Change
    (2022-09-26) Lowe, Randall A.
    Academic libraries are engaged in the process of assessing the impacts the COVID-19 health pandemic has had on the use of the electronic resources their institutions provide. Trends related to e-resource use prior to and during the pandemic at a small academic library and within its consortium are discussed. The results of this assessment dispel the assumptions behind a hypothesis that licensed online resources would see greater use in supporting instruction and research as institutions pivoted to online-only course delivery in the early months of the pandemic. Some potential underlying factors that may be leveraged to inform strategic collection development, information literacy, and service changes are explored.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: Learning to Think Like a Patron: Improving User Experience, E-Resources Management, and Departmental Outcomes Beyond COVID-19
    (2022-05-02) Dodd, Alexander; Kramer, Amanda; Zumbrun, Emily A.; Lowe, Randall A.
    Two years after the onset of the COVID-19 health pandemic, electronic resources librarians are assessing how the work in their libraries has changed and determining if certain modifications made to services and workflow processes are, in fact, transformational. The authors detail how service changes and telework during the pandemic affected e-resources workflows and interdepartmental collaboration in two academic libraries, and how these experiences will have an effect in improving their organizational cultures and the patron experience moving forward.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: Electronic Resources Management in the Time of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities Experienced by Six Academic Libraries
    (2021-09-08) Lowe, Randall A.; Chirombo, Fanuel; Coogan, John F.; Dodd, Alexander; Hutchinson, Corrie; Nagata, Judith
    Librarians from six diverse public and private higher education institutions describe the challenges their libraries have experienced, as well as the operational opportunities that have arisen, in managing electronic resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the environment that precipitated these challenges is temporary, some of the solutions implemented to address them will represent permanent changes to library operations.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: Operationalizing a Consortial E-Resources Assessment and Reporting Plan
    (2021-03-10) Lowe, Randall A.; Owusu, Erica; Li, Deborah K.; Library
    The authors detail the operationalization of a library consortium’s electronic resources assessment and reporting plan, including the implementation of procedures to collect and archive usage data, as well as the development of a sustainable annual reporting process. Despite finding that implementing a practical e-resources assessment plan for a consortium is possible even with limited available human resources, significant challenges related to data collection continue to limit the ability of library consortia to undertake more holistic assessments of the overall value of their procured e-resources.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: How to Evaluate and License an E-Resource During a Pandemic (Without Scheduling a Meeting)
    (2020-12-02) Lowe, Randall A.
    The COVID-19 virus pandemic of 2020 thrust libraries into managing situations many never imagined they would have to face. The author details one academic library’s experience in successfully evaluating, trialing and licensing a faculty-requested electronic resource subscription during the health pandemic in the face of significant fiscal challenges and describes the ways in which following established procedures as well as a set of principles that encourages open dialogue with faculty, administrators and vendors contributed to the positive outcome.
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    ERM Ideas & Innovations: The Evolution of E-Resources Management in a Small Academic library – Paraprofessional Staff and Librarian Perspectives
    (2020-09-04) Lowe, Randall A.; Frost, Nancy A.; Zumbrun, Emily A.
    Two paraprofessional staff members and their supervising librarian provide perspectives on the effect that a major shift in operational focus had on a small academic library’s acquisitions department. Staff members detail how their jobs changed as well as the challenges they faced when transitioning from a largely print-based operation to one in which working with electronic resources came to comprise the majority of their responsibilities. The supervising librarian addresses some of the managerial challenges present throughout this process, as well as corrective actions taken as informed through engaging staff in regular and frank dialogue.
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    “A Lot of Flexibility within the Structure”: Academic Library Collection Development & E-Resources Management from an Athletics Perspective
    (2019-11-27) Lowe, Randall A.
    There is an established history of academic libraries collaborating with their institutions’ athletics departments to provide learning and research support to student-athletes in order to achieve positive educational outcomes. It is rarer to find documented the effect that athletics has had on the professional life of an academic librarian. The author details how the skills acquired and lessoned learned being an athlete and collegiate coach directly influenced his approach to providing leadership in various collection development and electronic resources management initiatives at a medium-sized academic library.
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    Coal Mine Map Collection: All-Library Staff Meeting
    (2017-01-26) Williams, Virginia; Lewis J. Ort Library
    This presentation gives the background of the Coal Mine Mapping Project at the Lewis J. Ort Library.
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    Han Solo and Kermit in the Classroom: Using Alter-Egos and Interactive Technology for Class Participation and Formative Assessment
    (2016-01-14) Hartman, Lisa
    This PowerPoint presentation explains how classroom participation can be improved by employing fictional characters as alter-egos for students. The presenter shares her experience and research regarding student engagement with alter-egos while interacting with clickers, mobile devices, online surveys, Google docs, and other technologies.
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    Index for J. William Hunt's "Across the Desk"
    (2002-02) Price, MaryJo A.
    The index is for the articles written by J. William Hunt (1892-1968) and included in the Sunday edition of the Cumberland newspaper. Each entry includes all the dates for the column(s) on that subject. There may be multiple dates if there were multiple columns addressing the subject. The date is by day - month - year. The index can also be used for the Cumberland Evening Times. The index corresponds to the date of the article in the newspaper.
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    Implementation & Management of a Consortial Demand-Driven E-Books Pilot: The USMAI Experience
    (2015-05-26) Lowe, Randall A.; Aldana, Lynda
    The article focuses on the demand-driven (DDA) electronic book pilot program by the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Library Consortium. Topics discussed include focus of the program to identify problems and advantages related to electronic resources, launch of Limited Access/Lending consortial model by Novanet consortium providing access to all members and, parameters of the program such as Short-Term Loans (STLs) providing access to e-books.
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    E-Books: The Mobile Friendly Choice
    (2015-05-27) Mastrodonato, Theresa
    The Lewis J. Ort Library offers access to e-books 24/7. This session will show participants how to search for, access and download e-books on mobile devices. Tips about other electronic resources will also be included within this session.
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    Electronic Books Primer: Acquisition, Access and Processing
    (2011-09) Lowe, Randall A.; Williams, Virginia
    Beginning with a brief history and context, this white paper addresses issues related to electronic books at Frostburg State University including: acquisition models, selection, access and discovery, and processing.