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    Online Dating: What Are Your Intentions?
    (2019-05-18) Fears, Victoria; Dinkel, Lindsey; Grachik, Sierra
    Dating in the 21st century is unlike any century before; as technology advanced so did the way people communicate with others. The purpose of this study was to analyze online relationships, intent of use, and the overall outcome of dating online. Data was gathered through survey distribution where surveys were e-mailed to all Salisbury University undergraduate students. Only students that have participated in any form of online dating were asked to complete the survey. Questions included which online dating forum the participant used as well as if a committed relationship resulted from it or not. No personal identifiers were attached to any survey. Results concluded that female upperclassmen were the most likely to use online dating services, and that upperclassmen are also the most likely to be looking for long-term relationships.
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    Government Monitoring: Are We Really Being Watched
    (2019-05-20) Nehring, Bethany; Griste, Christopher; Heidelbaugh, Abby; Oman, Jordana; Egan, Chrys; Communication Arts
    The purpose of this study was to better understand the methods and extent of technological monitoring that the national government and other national security agencies utilize in their daily operations. Data was gathered by examining pertinent research of professionals within the field and a survey distribution. Subject selection for the original Government Monitoring Survey was restricted to undergraduate students currently attending Salisbury University. The research professor sent the Consent and Disclosure forms with the survey link to the “all student” email list. No personal identifiers were attached to the information gathered. Efforts were made to have a stable data sample of the four primary undergraduate student statuses (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) to adequately represent the undergraduate student population. All subjects of this study were at least 18 years of age. Results from the surveys showed that students believe the United States Government is monitoring what they search. While they are aware that agencies such as the National Security Agency are doing this, they understand that it is for their safety.
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    The Effects of Social Media on Women's Self-Image
    (2019-05-19) Haigley, Julia; Timko, Grace; Gabbard, Justin; O'Ferrall, Sean; Egan, Chrys; Communication Arts
    Understanding the correlation between social media and self-image is vital in today’s day and age, especially considering the pressure that is put on college students to display a picture-perfect life on their social media platforms. Data was gathered by having 100 different women attending Salisbury University complete an online survey, and by studying research by professionals in this field. The social media usage of the subjects was collected, and participants were also asked how social media has impacted their self-image as well as their friend’s self-images. Subject selection was restricted to undergraduate female students currently attending Salisbury University. All subjects were at least 18 years of age and no personal identifiers were attached to the information gathered. From the results of this study, it is evident that there is a correlation between social media and negative impact on a person’s self-image, although this relationship between social media and self-image is not a perfect correlation.
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    Cyber-bullying: The correlation between age and cyber-bullying
    (2018-12-14) Bryce, Madison; Carty, Taylor; Bradshaw, Tyler; Sorohan, Emma; Egan, Chrys; Communication Arts
    The purpose of this study was to research and evaluate the trends in cyber-bullying as it relates to age. Researchers gathered the findings by posting a link to a survey on multiple social media platforms. Researchers posted the link and had adults aged 18 years and over answer a series of questions that related to our research topic. Through these surveys, researchers were able to ask a large amount of people to anonymously answer questions that helped us determine their specific thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding the topic. By completing this research, a correlation between age and cyber-bullying was identified and researchers were able to gain a deeper understanding of the issue as a whole. The study showed that there is a relationship between age and those who experience being cyber-bullied. Those who experienced cyber-bullying did so between the ages of 10 and 17 years old.
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    Conspiracies: A look into the Denver International Airport and beyond
    (2018-12-14) Sharkey, Emily; Twilley-Webster, Paige; Jones, Fisher; Barry, John; Egan, Chrys; Communication Arts
    There are many ideas that surround some of the most important events and places that shape the culture of not only America, but the world. In the case of this study, we investigated one of the most intriguing conspiracies in the United States of America: The Denver International Airport (DIA). While some people may not know the theories behind this large transport center, there are also many believers that have research to support some terrifying scenarios that are supported by objects and images scattered throughout DIA. In order to gather information on this topic, the researchers gave out and collected written surveys with a series of questions based on the belief of theories and their impact on the country. The surveys were held on the campus of Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland on the date of November 16, 2018. The data collected showed that about half of those surveyed believed in conspiracy theories. The importance of this will help better understand the general campus population’s opinions on these theories.