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eScholarship@Morgan is an institutional repository for scholarship created by the faculty, students, and staff of Morgan State University. As part of the Maryland Shared Open Access Repository (MD-SOAR), eScholarship@Morgan provides long-term storage and public access to academic materials from the Morgan community, meeting the data management and open access requirements for grants and other funding agencies. The repository also includes historical materials relating to Morgan and the Morgan community.

To deposit materials, register at Once registered, a staff member from the library will contact you with instructions on uploading materials. Files may be up to 2GB in size, and may be deposited in any format. Please note that files may be converted to other formats for optimal preservation. The following formats are preferred:

  • Textual works: PDF
  • Images: TIFF, JPEG2000
  • Datasets: JSON, XML, TSV, CSV
  • Audio: WAV
  • Video: AVI, MOV, MP4

Please note that by submitting your work, you grant Morgan State University the right to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute your item at no cost to users world-wide.

For more information, contact the Earl S. Richardson library at (443) 885-3477, or Jason Riggin at


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  • Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. School of Engineering
    The Clarence M. Mitchell School of Engineering (SOE) offers educational programs which ensure that students acquire the ability to master fundamental principles of engineering which may be applied effectively to benefit society.
  • Earl G. Graves School of Business & Management
    Our curricula are designed to equip graduates with the skills and insights needed for the modern business world. We aim not just for immediate success but for long-term excellence.
  • James H. Gillam Jr. College of Liberal Arts
    The James H. Gilliam, Jr. College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is the largest academic division at the University.
  • Morgan Campus and Local History
    Collections concerned with local history either of Morgan State or of the surrounding Baltimore community.
  • Morgan State Research Centers
    A collection of the various research centers that operate on Morgan State University Campus.
  • School of Architecture and Planning
    Our purpose is to be a professionally based academic unit that has a clear commitment to the fundamental qualities that bring together a balanced educational program in the exploration of human and natural environments.
  • School of Community Health & Policy
    The School of Community Health and Policy (SCHP) offers a range of unique graduate and undergraduate academic opportunities in Health Education, Public Health, Nursing, and Nutrition.
  • School of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences
    The School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (SCMNS) is comprised of five departments and two professional programs.
  • School of Education & Urban Studies
    The mission of the School of Education and Urban Studies (SEUS) is to prepare a culturally and ethnically diverse student body to serve with distinction in the field of education and urban studies.
  • School of Global Journalism & Communication
    Today, the mission of Morgan State University's School of Global Journalism and Communication is to give voice to a broader group of people - people who struggle to contribute to the public discourse that shapes this nation.

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