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Student publications such as the literary magazine (Lesbian Herald), student newspaper (Blue & Grey), and yearbooks (Touchstone).


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  • Blue & Grey student newspaper, published 1921 - current. Issue regularity varied along the years. Some special issues were alternatively named, particularly on or around April Fool's Day.
  • The literary magazine was published under this name until 1992, by the Woman's College of Frederick (later Hood College) when the name was changed to The Hood College Herald. It was changed to The Herald in 1938, and was published until 1980. The current literary magazine is named Wisteria. Digitization through 1900.
  • Originally created and published annually by the junior class, 1915-1946. In 1946, two yearbooks were created and henceforth the book was published with the senior class in mind, until 2008. Digitized through 1975.
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