Semantic Resolution for E-commerce

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Yun Peng , Youyong Zou , Xiaocheng Luan, Nenad Ivezic , Michael Gruninger, Albert Jones, Semantic Resolution for E-commerce, AAMAS '02 Proceedings of the first international joint conference on Autonomous agents and multiagent systems: part 3 Pages 1037 - 1038 , DOI: 10.1145/545056.545065
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We describe a research project on resolving semantic differences for multi-agent systems (MAS) in electronic commerce. The approach can be characterized as follows: (1) agents in a MAS may have their own specific ontologies defined on top of a shared base ontology; (2) concepts in these ontologies are represented as frame-like structures based on DAML+OIL language; (3) the semantic differences between agents are resolved at runtime through inter-agent communication; and (4) the resolution is viewed as an abductive inference process, and thus necessarily involves approximate reasoning.