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Graphic Design
GDES-310 Graphic Design III
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As designer, people might think that I just make visuals out of fonts and images, but it’s so much more than that. To be the best designer as possible I need to become an expert on what I’m designing to understand the symbolism or context I need to design for. Sometimes this is simple, like doing a bit of online searching or library research, other times a lot more is required. Like In a Communication Design class (GDES310) when the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is your client and asks you to make a game for middle school students based on the scientific process of DNA editing called CRISPR. This projects required research of threefold. First I need to know and fully understand what CRISPR is and how it works. Second I need to understand my audience, which wasn’t just middle schoolers even though they were the users of my game, teachers and parents also played a significant part of my audience as well. Finally, I needed to understand game design, and how to make a game that isn’t just playable and fun, but also educational. I had so much to learn and the research I had to conduct took multiple forms in order to be the most useful to the development of my project.