The vision of this center is to advance AI-based autonomy in order to deliver safe, effective, and resilient new capabilities across a variety of complex mission types, including search-and-rescue, persistent surveillance, managing, adapting and optimizing smart, connected robots and machinery, and augmenting humans in performing complex analytical and decision-making tasks. These systems are continually getting better, but to achieve their potential, there are still numerous developments required to improve their capability, command and control, interoperability, resiliency and trustworthiness.

Focus Areas: Networking, Sensing and IoT for the Battlefield, IoT for the Battlefield. Adaptive Machine/Deep Learning, Individual and Collective Health Assessment, Adaptive Cybersecurity, Cross Domain Machine Learning with Few Labels, AI/ML on Edg, Predictive Maintenance

Recent Submissions

  • ARIS: A Real Time Edge Computed Accident Risk Inference System 

    Ovi, Pretom Roy; Dey, Emon; Roy, Nirmalya; Gangopadhyay, Aryya (IEEE, 2021-10-08)
    To deploy an intelligent transport system in urban environment, an effective and real-time accident risk prediction method is required that can help maintain road safety, provide adequate level of medical assistance and ...