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  • Using Reading Quizzes in STEM Classes—The What, Why, and How 

    Hodges, Linda C.; Anderson, Eric C.; Carpenter, Tara S.; Cui, Lili; Gierasch, Tiffany Malinky; Leupen, Sarah; Nanes, Kalman M.; Wagner, Cynthia R. (National Science Teachers Association, 2015)
    Many active learning pedagogies depend on students' preparing for class in advance. One common method for holding students accountable for this preparation is the use of reading quizzes. When used thoughtfully, reading ...
  • Merging Orthovoltage X-Ray Minibeams spare the proximal tissues while producing a solid beam at the target 

    Dilmanian, F. Avraham; Krishnan, Sunil; McLaughlin, William E.; Lukaniec, Brendan; Baker, Jameson T.; Ailawadi, Sandeep; Hirsch, Kara N.; Cattell, Renee F.; Roy, Rahul; Helfer, Joel; Kruger, Kurt; Spuhler, Karl; He, Yulun; Tailor, Ramesh; Vassantachart, April; Heaney, Dakota C.; Zanzonico, Pat; Gobbert, Matthias K.; Graf, Jonathan S.; Nassimi, Jessica R.; Fatemi, Nasrin N.; Schweitzer, Mark E.; Bangiyev, Lev; Eley, John G. (Springer Nature Publishing AG., 2019-02-04)
    Conventional radiation therapy of brain tumors often produces cognitive deficits, particularly in children. We investigated the potential efficacy of merging Orthovoltage X-ray Minibeams (OXM). It segments the beam into ...
  • Development and Assessment of Modules to Integrate Quantitative Skills in Introductory Biology Courses 

    Hoffman, Kathleen; Leupen, Sarah; Dowell, Kathy; Kephart, Kerrie; Leips, Jeff (The American Society for Cell Biology, 2017-10-13)
    Redesigning undergraduate biology courses to integrate quantitative reasoning and skill development is critical to prepare students for careers in modern medicine and scientific research. In this paper, we report on the ...
  • On adaptive BDDC for the flow in heterogeneous porous media 

    Sousedík, Bedřich (2019-01-07)
    We study a method based on Balancing Domain Decomposition by Constraints (BDDC) for a numerical solution of a single-phase flow in heterogenous porous media. The method solves for both flux and pressure variables. The ...
  • A Unified Approach for Solving Sequential Selection Problems 

    Goldenshluger, Alexander; Malinovsky, Yaakov; Zeevi, Assaf (2019-01-25)
    In this paper we develop a unified approach for solving a wide class of sequential selection problems. This class includes, but is not limited to, selection problems with no–information, rank–dependent rewards, and ...
  • Analyzing Two-Dimensional Gel Images 

    Roy, Anindya; Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, Françoise; Lee, Kwan R.; Hang, Yarning; Marten, Mark; Raman, Babu (Taylor and Francis Online, 2012-09-20)
  • Protein Image Alignment via Piecewise Affine Transformations 

    Potra, Florian A.; Liu, Xing; Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, Françoise; Roy, Anindya; Hang, Yaming; Marten, Mark R.; Raman, Babu; Whisnant, Carol
    We present a new approach for aligning families of 2D gels. Instead of choosing one of the gels as reference and performing a pairwise alignment, we construct an ideal gel that is representative of the entire family and ...
  • Inexact Methods for Symmetric Stochastic Eigenvalue Problems 

    Lee, Kookjin; Sousedík, Bedřich (2018-11-02)
    We study two inexact methods for solutions of random eigenvalue problems in the context of spectral stochastic finite elements. In particular, given a parameter-dependent, symmetric matrix operator, the methods solve for ...
  • Cross-cancer Prediction: A Novel Machine Learning Approach to Discover Molecular Targets for Development of Treatments for Multiple Cancers 

    Gao, Katie; Wang, Dayong; Huang, Yi (SAGE journals, 2018-10-22)
    Conventional cancer drug development has long been limited to organ- or tissue-specific cancer types. However, it has become increasingly known that specific genetic abnormalities are responsible for the carcinogenesis of ...
  • Least Sparsity of p-Norm Based Optimization Problems with p>1* 

    Shen, Jinglai; Mousavi, Seyedahmad (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2018-09-27)
    Motivated by lp-optimization arising from sparse optimization, high-dimensional data analytics and statistics, this paper studies sparse properties of a wide range of p-norm based optimization problems with p > 1, including ...
  • A parallel simulation of the evolution of transcription factor binding sites 

    Forder, Robert (2011-05-27)
    The analysis of transcription factor binding motifs may aid in understanding the process by which transcription factors recognize their binding sites. We wish to investigate the likelihood that transcription factors use ...
  • Water Quality Monitoring of Maryland’s Tidal Waterways 

    Le, Rosemary K.; Rackauckas, Christopher V.; Ross, Anne S.; Ulloa, Nehemias (2012)
    The Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding tributaries are home to over 3,600 species of plants and animals. In order to assess the health of the region, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) monitors various ...
  • Validation of a Model of a Resonant Optothermoacoustic Trace Gas Sensor 

    Petra, N.; Zweck, J.; Minkoff, S. E.; Kosterev, A. A.; Doty, J. H. (OSA, 2011-06)
    A model for a resonant optothermoacoustic sensor is validated by comparison with experiments performed with 0.5% acetylene in nitrogen. At low concentrations, the molecular dynamics of the trace gas do not influence the signal.
  • Numerical and Experimental Investigation for a Resonant Optothermoacoustic Sensor 

    Petra, N.; Kosterev, A. A.; Zweck, J.; Minkoff, S. E.; Doty, J. H. (IEEE, 2010-07-01)
    A theoretical study of a resonant optothermoacoustic sensor employing a laser source and a quartz tuning fork receiver validates experimental results showing that the source should be positioned near the base of the receiver.
  • The Optimal Relaxation Parameter for the SOR Method Applied to the Poisson Equation in Any Space Dimensions 

    Yang, Shiming; Gobbert, Matthias K. (Elsevier Ltd, 2009-03-24)
    The finite difference discretization of the Poisson equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions leads to a large, sparse system of linear equations for the solution values at the interior mesh points. This problem is a ...
  • The Influence of Stochastic Parameters on Calcium Waves in a Heart Cell 

    Brewster, Matthew W. (2013)
    Calcium is a critical component in many cellular functions. It serves many important functions such as signal transduction, contraction of muscles, enzyme function, and maintaining potential difference across excitable ...
  • The Graph 500 Benchmark on a Medium-Size Distributed-Memory Cluster with High-Performance Interconnect 

    Angel, Jordan B.; Flores, Amy M.; Heritage, Justine S.; Wardrip, Nathan C.; Raim, Andrew M.; Gobbert, Matthias K.; Murphy, Richard C.; Mountain, David J. (2012-12-17)
    While traditional performance benchmarks for high-performance computers measure the speed of arithmetic operations, memory access time is a more useful performance gauge for many large problems today. The Graph 500 benchmark ...
  • Study of Free Alternative Numerical Computation Packages 

    Brewster, Matthew W. (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2011)
    Matlab is the most popular commercial package for numerical computations in mathematics, statistics, the sciences, engineering, and other fields. Octave, FreeMat, and Scilab are free numerical computational packages that ...
  • Sampling Within k-Means Algorithm to Cluster Large Datasets 

    Bejarano, Jeremy; Bose, Koushiki; Brannan, Tyler; Thomas, Anita; Adragni, Kofi; Neerchal, Nagaraj K.; Ostrouchov, George (2011)
    Due to current data collection technology, our ability to gather data has surpassed our ability to analyze it. In particular, k-means, one of the simplest and fastest clustering algorithms, is ill-equipped to handle extremely ...
  • Performance Studies with COMSOL Multiphysics via Scripting and Batch Processing 

    Petra, Noemi; Gobbert, Matthias K. (2009)
    COMSOL Multiphysics is an extremely powerful and versatile finite element package for the solution of partial differential equations. While the graphical user interface (GUI) offers a friendly environment for solving small ...

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