FEAT: A Fairness-Enhancing and Concept-Adapting Decision Tree Classifier

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Zhang, Wenbin; Bifet, Albert; FEAT: A Fairness-Enhancing and Concept-Adapting Decision Tree Classifier; International Conference on Discovery Science; DS 2020: Discovery Science, pp 175-189 (2020); https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-61527-7_12


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Fairness-aware learning is increasingly important in socially-sensitive applications for the sake of achieving optimal and non-discriminative decision-making. Most of the proposed fairness-aware learning algorithms process the data in offline settings and assume that the data is generated by a single concept without drift. Unfortunately, in many real-world applications, data is generated in a streaming fashion and can only be scanned once. In addition, the underlying generation process might also change over time. In this paper, we propose and illustrate an efficient algorithm for mining fair decision trees from discriminatory and continuously evolving data streams. This algorithm, called FEAT (Fairness-Enhancing and concept-Adapting Tree), is based on using the change detector to learn adaptively from non-stationary data streams, that also accounts for fairness. We study FEAT’s properties and demonstrate its utility through experiments on a set of discriminated and time-changing data streams.