Leadership Influence on Corporate Change Involving Distance Training

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Wasyluk, Olga; Berge, Zane L.; Leadership Influence on Corporate Change Involving Distance Training; Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume X, Number I, Spring 2007; https://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/spring101/wasyluk101.htm;


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Corporate learning leaders require a unique set of skills to sustain learning programs within their organizations. Leaders must have well-planned strategies and clear direction for learning initiatives. They must understand their organization as well as their learners, and be able to skillfully deploy appropriate learning technologies. A network of relationships must be built and nurtured by corporate learning leaders to promote and sustain their programs. Leaders must adhere to well-defined procedural standards related to programs, budgets and change management. They must understand changing trends in leadership paradigms across organizational cultures. Effective corporate learning leaders must skillfully combine relationships, process, and support while continually transforming their organizations and expanding learning initiatives.