How Does Scholastic Sports Shape Inner City Black Males Attitude Towards School

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This study will examine the lived experiences of six successful inner city Black males, whose high school experiences as student athletes helped them to achieve better outcomes in all areas during their school matriculation. My investigation intends to lead to a better understanding as to why individuals in sports appear to experience better student outcomes. A phenomenological approach will be employed for this study to capture the stories through the lenses of the students. Few studies capture the stories through the lenses of the participants; furthermore this study will capture the essence of shared experiences of inner city Black male high school student athletes. This study will report how students describe their experiences playing scholastic sports and being successful in the classroom. In order to complete the analysis and comparative study, I prepared a hypothetical individual representing the shared similarities of all the Black students' athletes in the study. Finally the study will analyze what the participants' stories reveal in addition to what the literature revealed in order to make meaning of the shared experiences.