Developing a knowledge map-driven framework for human resources strategy formulation: A knowledge-based IT company case study in Iran

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Akhavan, Peyman and Amir Pezeshkan (2013), Developing a knowledge map driven framework for human resources strategy formulation: a knowledge based IT company case study in Iran, Journal of Knowledge‐based Innovation in China, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 234‐261.



Purpose – The main purpose of this paper is developing a framework for human resource strategy (HRS) planning based on knowledge maps in organizations. Design/methodology/approach – Considering literature review of HRS planning in one hand and knowledge mapping in another hand to develop a framework, and then deploying this framework in a company as case study. Findings – A knowledge map-driven framework for HRS formulation, which attempts to improve the process of HRS, is the main finding of this research. The results of the implementation of this model in a knowledge-based IT company may show its potential capability for deploying the model in similar corporations for better formulation of HRS. Originality/value – Linking of HRS with knowledge maps is quite new. This paper opens up new outlines in human resource management from a knowledge-based point of view. It may have value for experts who work and research in both areas especially in the field of human resources in knowledge-based organizations.