Predatory Practices in Higher Education


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"Naylor, L., (2016). Inequality: Underrepresentation of African American Males in U.S. Higher Education. Public Integrity, 18 (2), 111-112. "



At the core of ethics is training and education. If we are to expect our college graduates to behave ethically once they enter the workforce, then the institutions that educate and train them need to adhere to the same principles. American universities have come under close scrutiny due to their rising tuition costs. From 1980 to 2011, college tuition increased by 244% (Mettler, 2014), which has made college education out of reach for most Americans. Public universities have increased tuition and fees in response to decreased funding by state legislatures. In addition, the percentage of tenured and tenure-track faculty has decreased from 40% to 25%, while administrative positions have increased by 221%. However, the more egregious behavior has been that of private, for-profit institutions that engage in predatory practices.