Teacher Perception of Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies That Have the Greatest Impact on the Engagement of African American Male Students

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This mixed method studied teacher perceptions of culturally relevant teaching practices as a viable methodology to better engage African American male students in the learning process. More specifically, the researcher seeks to identify what components of CRT are most effective in engaging African American male students. The researcher used a modification of Johnny McKinley’s teacher perception survey on Effective and Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Strategies as the assessment instrument. An in-depth exploration of teacher perceptions gleaned useful and actionable information. This information, in turn, could form the basis of CRT related training programs and staff development aimed at implementing those aspects of CRT perceived as most effective in engaging AA males in the learning process, thereby improving their learning and achievement. The purpose of this study is to identify perceived teacher strategies that best engage African American students using Culturally Responsive Teaching.