An Analysis Of The Psychometric Properties Of The Pbis Plus Teacher Observation Of Classroom Adaptation-Checklist

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The intent of this research was to examine the psychometric properties of the PBISPlus Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaptation-Checklist (PBISPlus TOCA-C). The instrument allows teachers to assess the family stability and social-emotional functioning of children. With a focus on students from Kindergarten through fifth grade, data were derived from 45 schools from six districts in a Mid-Atlantic state representing urban, suburban, and rural communities. The study relied on a secondary data set that was collected from 907 teachers concerning 17,456 students. Data analysis indicated that a Five Factor Model of the PBISPlus TOCA-C is an adequate model for the data (CFI= .969, TLI= .965, & RMSEA= .079) and a reliable instrument (alpha = .89). The configural form of the Five Factor Model was confirmed and is consistent across all of the student and teacher demographics evaluated in the current study.